Swing Maxi™ – Double Electric Breast Pump

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The new Swing Maxi™ is a compact and easy to use double electric breast pump with improved mobility to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Product description
Medela brings the iconic Swing Maxi Flex™ into the modern age with a contemporary and stylish redesigned Swing Maxi. Improve your mobility thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 6 pumping sessions. And continue to benefit from Medela’s Flex™ technology that offers you flexibility and the comfortable, efficient pumping experience you deserve.
What’s Included
  • 1 x Swing Maxi motor unit
  • 2 x 150 ml bottle with lid
  • 2 x bottle stand
  • 2 x PersonalFit Flex™ connector
  • 2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 21 mm
  • 2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 24 mm
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x USB power adapter
  • 1 x instruction for use for Swing Maxi

Is Medela Swing Maxi a closed system?
Yes. The closed system in Swing Maxi and Swing Maxi Flex breast pumps prevents milk from overflowing and leaking into the pump mechanism. This helps ensure that your expressed milk stays safe and clean, but also that your pump’s components are protected from potential damage.

How do you clean the Swing Maxi breast pump?
The Medela Swing Maxi breast pump is quick and easy to clean as it only has a few pump set components that need to be washed: breast shields, connectors, membranes and bottles. Wash the disassembled parts in plenty of soapy water and rinse carefully or clean in a dishwasher (on the top rack or in the cutlery section). You don’t need to clean the motor unit or wash the tubing: as part of a closed system, it has no contact with milk, only with air. For further information, please read our Instruction for use.

How do you sterilise a Medela Swing Maxi breast pump?
To sterilise the Medela Swing Maxi breast pump is simple: Submerse the pump set parts in boiling water on the stovetop for five minutes or use the microwaveable Medela Quick Clean bags for sterilisation. For further information, please read our Instruction for use.

Where can I buy Medela Swing Maxi?
Click here for updated information about resellers in your country and region.

How do you use Medela Swing Maxi?
The Medela Swing Maxi breast pump was designed to be easy to use thanks to intuitive controls. The pump comes with only four user-friendly buttons on the motor unit and simple icons that show the main functions. It comes with nine pre-programmed settings to make it easy for you to choose your Maximum Comfort Vacuum level. Learn more about how to use the breast pump and its functionalities in our Instruction for use.

How long does it take to express milk with a Medela Swing Maxi breast pump?
Expressing times may vary from woman to woman and between pump sessions. On average, it takes around 15 minutes to express milk from each breast. Being a double electric breast pump, Medela Swing Maxi allows you to express both breasts simultaneously helping you to save time.

Why is my Medela Swing Maxi pump losing suction?
If you think your Medela Swing Maxi breast pump isn’t working properly, make sure everything is set up correctly following these steps:

  • Make sure all pump set components are clean and completely dry and that all connections are secure.
  • While pumping, make sure the breast shields form a secure seal around your breast.
  • When single pumping, make sure that the unused tubing end is correctly plugged into the tubing holder.

If suction doesn’t improve after following the above steps, please contact the Medela Customer Service.

What’s the difference between Medela Swing and Swing Maxi?
Medela Swing Maxi is a double electric breast pump while Medela Swing is a single electric breast pump. This means that Medela Swing Maxi has a stronger motor to ensure effective double-pumping. Double pumping saves you time and has been shown to yield 18% more milk 1.

What is the difference between Medela Swing Maxi and Medela Freestyle Flex?
Both are double electric breast pumps that help express more milk in less time and come with a rechargeable built-in battery. Medela Freestyle Flex, however, includes advanced features, such as an illuminated digital control panel for additional useful information and Bluetooth connectivity with the Medela tracking app.

Do I need a double electric breast pump?
If you express milk regularly, a double electric breast pump will help you save time during your pumping sessions. Expressing milk with a double breast pump can help you save half the time per session and increase your expressed milk volume by 18%1.

Is a double breast pump better than a single?
Double pumping saves you time as you express milk from both breasts simultaneously instead of just one after the other. It has also been shown to increase the expressed milk volume by 18% in one session 1.

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